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17 years of experience in the decoration industry 

Julie longpré worked several years creating decors on television and movie sets. She now specializes in interior decoration for private. Adding a unique touch to every space, her day to day motivation have been to surpass her client’s expectations and enhance their life quality. 


With the new reality of the pandemic, many people have decided to sell their home and change their lifestyle. Julie Longpré is now certified in Home Staging to offer her clients a service that will enhance the value of their home and allow them to get the maximum profit from the sale.

« Interior decoration and Home Staging are two opposites, yet they have a lot in common. My passion for both of them definitely continues and grows over time »                         

                                                             Julie Longpré

Photographer Marc-André Bourbonnais       Moine Urbain Store

/Interior Design

I N T E R I O R   D E S I G N

S T - V A L L I E R   P r o j e c t

The mandate was to furnish this empty two-story condo, prior to the new owners' move-in. We wanted to create a multi-functional lounge to suit each member of the family; the parents and two university students. By adding modular sofas, we created a space that was suitable for relaxing, working at home, and entertaining friends.

The selection of neutral colors for the furniture and funky accents for the accessories gave us the youthful warmth we were looking for, while remaining timeless. The organic materials of the lamps and tables contributed to make the living room enveloping, despite the concrete floor.

In the dining room, the large oak table broke up the modern look of the cabinets, and created a unity between the floor and the wooden storage wall. Several walls were repainted white, like the dining room wooden wall of slats that was black. This allowed us to emphasize the unique and daring style of this unusual condo in the Petite-Patrie area, and to give it back its brightness and luminosity.

V E R D U N   P r o j e c t

There were several mandates for this three-story detached home. The first was to create a boudoir space in the kitchen. The clients wanted to be able to enjoy the fireplace while reading stories to their young children, working from home, or chatting with friends. In addition, in this boudoir, the closet was transformed into a playing area for drawing and displaying masterpieces. A custom cabinet was also designed to store cleaning supplies.

The basement, which was not maximized, needed storage space for a neat and attractive playroom.

Finally, we needed to create uniformity in the office, to make it more functional, but also warm and comfortable.

O U T R E M O N T   P r o j e c t

This house belonged to the same family since the 70's, and just was completely renovated by the owner. The mandate was to take care of the move, furnish it with the furniture already purchased, and to complete it with accessories and lighting to create a warm and festive atmosphere.

L A S A L L E   P r o j e c t